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Velux Skylights

Sydney Skylight Design

There is a Velux Skylight that’s perfect for your project! – Since 2005 we have been an independent accredited installer 0f Velux Skylights.

They’re the best in the world and we’ve got thousands of happy customers to prove it! Aesthetics and functionality are paramount, but so is your budget.

With 14 years experience and comprehensive product knowledge, we can advise you on the perfect natural lighting solution. Where possible (and practical) we also repair older model Velux skylights. A simple re-seal or glass replacement can extend their lifespan, and many spare parts are still available.


Sydney Skylight Design

Skylight Design is proud to be Sydney’s first sales and installation agent for the revolutionary Redilight. Welcome to the future of natural lighting.

The Redilight system utilises a solar panel and very clever technology to transport brilliant light to the darkest corners of your house. You’ll never have to turn the lights on during the day again.

There are parts of a building where a traditional skylight is just not possible (second storey above, or roof structure limitations), and there are situations where the architectural impact and expense of a skylight is either not needed or not justified (hallway, small ensuite, toilet, walk-in robe, pantry etc).

The REDi-lite will out-perform any tube light across the day and through all seasons. It will also compare more than favourably price-wise.

Custom Skylights

Although Velux and Redilight are our bread and butter, we also get a lot of satisfaction from creating bespoke skylights and roof glazing systems of all shapes and sizes.

Our unique custom skylights can be found all over Sydney, from luxury apartment buildings to a Retirement Village and everywhere in between.

Flashing Bases

We fabricate our own flashing bases to be certain they’ll never let you down.

Supply only or supply and install for builders, roofers, skylight installers and home-owners.

All of our trays are made using colour bond coated steel to match your roof.

They’re riveted and undersealed with polyurethane sealant (many manufacturers spot-weld trays in plain zincalume and then spray-paint them).

Most skylights only need a simple tray, but we can design, customise and produce a tray to accommodate single or multiple skylights in any situation, and for any roof type – including copper, stainless steel, and concrete hobs.

Ceiling Frames

Sometimes we just can’t get a skylight where you want it (hip or valley above the room is usually the reason) and sometimes the light shaft will be so long that it’ll look terrible. In those situations you may prefer a “diffused” skylight.

There are some cheap and nasty options in this department, so we developed a very smart alternative.

Generally a bit cheaper than an open shaft skylight, and its finished on the day (no plastering, no dust, and no painting)

A timber ceiling frame (size and design customised to suit your room) with removable translucent glass diffuser is fitted to the ceiling, and a fully sealed reflective foil light shaft is constructed between the frame and a skylight installed on the roof.

The light generated is amazing, and if it’s in a lounge or bedroom – a shade blind can be added to the frame to darken the room if needed.

Replacement Skylights

Don’t wait for your old bubble skylight (like the one above) can be replaced with the same again, but we haven’t done that for a few years now. They’re still ugly, still noisy, still thermally inefficient and still very hard to maintain.

The smart solution is a Velux FCM double-glazed skylight on a custom-made flashing base to suit your roof.

The cost is only marginally more and the many benefits make it a no brainer!